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CT Home Inspection – East Windsor CT

Home Inspectors in East Windsor CT

When searching for CT Home Inspection service in East Windsor CT,  call Robert Repass. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned seller, you can benefit from knowing your home’s current condition. A home inspection can reveal hidden structural problems, heating/electrical systems issues, and safety concerns. Any of the previously mentioned issued can affect the value of your house. A serious impending correction or repair can foil a sale.

Whatever your motivation, having a property thoroughly inspected makes sense. When it comes to purchasing your first home, it’s easy to be distracted by emotion. Before you commit to your dream property, get facts about its structural condition first. If you feel you have found your ‘dream home’, hold your emotions in check.

Are there potential safety hazards? Is there evidence of long-term water damage? Are the sills and beams insect-free? With a professional Bottom to Top home inspection, we will reveal hidden structural issues, prior damage, or potential environmental risks. Knowledge will empower you, and may help in later negotiations. Get a report on the heating system, the water heater, the wiring, code violations, and plumbing.

Whether you are buying, selling or keeping your home, schedule a home inspection. In the greater Hartford area, select an inspection service with experience in the area. Certified home inspector Robert Repass has a 35 year professional history inspecting homes in the region. Bottom to Top Inspections will conduct a thorough interior, exterior and systems inspection. From your rooftop to the basement, plumbing and HVAC, insulation and structure, Bottom to Top does it all. Your report will include high resolution photos and detailed descriptions of our findings. Above all else, you owe it to your family’s safety. Call Licensed CT inspector Robert Repass at 860-416-8327.

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