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Home Inspections – Avon CT

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For Home Inspections in Avon CT, call certified inspector Bob Repass at Bottom to Top Home Inspections. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, get a home inspection. You will want a detailed report of reveal the condition of your home. A professional certified home inspector determines whether structures or systems are in need of repairs. Making an offer on a new house in Avon? You should not buy a home without a report from a certified home inspector. When you find your home please call upon the services of Robert Repass of Bottom to Top Home Inspections.

Hiring the right company to evaluate your home’s condition is very important and can determine if this is the right house for you. You should schedule your inspection as soon as you make an offer on the house. You want to call the inspector early in the process, as soon as your offer is accepted. If you have already taken a tour, make a list of areas of the home you may be concerned about for the inspector. Make sure all areas are addressed, as some systems may not appear on the inspection checklist.

Buying your own home is the major purchase of your life. You should know if there are any issues with the structure before making the commitment to buy. Bob Repass of Bottom to Top Inspections is an experienced InterNACHI-certified home inspector serving the greater Hartford CT area. Bob will carefully examine all of the home’s components and alert you to any potential problem areas. You’ll receive a full report on the state of the property and feel much more confident with your investment!

Peace of Mind

You and your family deserve the peace of mind a thorough home inspection brings to the table. We inspect the heating and cooling system, the foundation, the plumbing, the electrical system, the roof, and the crawl space. Concerned about asbestos, mold, termite damage inspections and radon testing? We can do that too. Bottom to Top Inspections does high-quality work and has served greater Hartford and the Avon  CT area for 35 years. Before you fall in love with a house, call Bob Repass and get the facts first.  Call to receive a free estimate: (860) 416-8327.

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